July 24, 2013

Uborka Running Club

My big announcement for this week is that I’ve been for four runs! My sprain is definitely healed, but I have the stabby tight calf muscle that I had earlier in the year, still. It doesn’t get any worse with running, so off we go. I have gone back to the beginning of C25K for the third time, and I’m doing W2D2 next. May have to take Bernard with me, though.

How have you coped with running in the heatwave?


18 thoughts on “Uborka Running Club

  1. I’ve done nothing. 🙁

    Although I thought about going for a run Sunday (last). But didn’t.

  2. Bravo Karen!

    I’ve managed a run (two?) since last week and out again tonight. Signing up for a 5K certainly focuses the mind and so far my knee is holding up. Looking like my target is to break 40mins (PB from when I was able to run is just under 30mins and I’m using that as a longer term goal).

    I’m definitely sticking to 5K though, if I can get to that level and maintain it I’ll tackle some of the ParkRuns I think (anyone looked at those?)

  3. Yes, one of my local colleagues has been pestering me to do a ParkRun since I started. I’ve managed 5k once, back in December, so that’s my goal at the moment, too.

  4. I did the 5 mile race! Running through the mist showers was fun. Running without music due to broken headphones was less fun.

    I haven’t done much else since the heat set in though, as I’ve been resting up a dodgy foot (think it was a bruise in my heel). Must get back out again, think I need another target to work toward. Any race recommendations for two or three months’ time?

    Clair on July 24, 2013
  5. I think you’re allowed a break, Clair! Bloody well done. I daren’t sign up for a race. Both times I’ve done that before, I’ve injured myself shortly afterwards. Am superstitious.

  6. Well…not sure if you noticed over our way but Krissa broke her ankle pretty badly two and a half weeks ago. She’s had surgery and has been on pain meds and been on bed rest for the past two weeks. She has her sutures out today (fingers crossed).

    Due to the four storeys of stairs in our apartment building and the ‘bed rest’ requirement we’ve abandoned ship a bit and spent the last two weeks in hotels and a sublet apartment in an elevator building.

    Krissa is doing well and is on track for recovery.

    So…anyway…Krissa can’t drink with the meds she’s on and I’ve stopped too out of solidarity. Also…the hotel and our temporary building have/had a gym.

    So I’ve been going to the gym almost every day. I know it’s not running if it’s the elliptical…but I’ve been exercising a shit ton.

    Turns out it’s quite fun to exercise if you can also watch comedy at the same time, while being air conditioned.

    Sorry about mentioning the air conditioning.

  7. I did spot something about a shoe-related injury, hope the de-suturing goes well and recovery continues apace, and meanwhile who could deny you enjoyment of an airconditioned gym, if that’s an option?

  8. Karen – the fact that you’re running with an injury (even if it doesn’t get worse) is super impressive.

    Clair – awesome! Well done on the race!

    Gordon – deadlines are my friend also, good luck with the training.

    I think you all deserve medals, given the weather.

  9. I don’t know if a tight muscle counts as a proper injury, which is why I’m running again. I’m still seeing the physio, and must go and do some stretches, right now.

  10. Oh, I love running in the heat. Sure, it’s hard work, but that’s what I really like about running anyway… You get the biggest bang for your buck over anything else and the feeling that you’re getting more exercise per minute, if you know what I mean. Swimming is all very well, but it takes the same amount of time and burns less than half the calories. I guess I’m just a masochist. Aren’t all runners? That said, I did go out the other night, an hour or so before the storm broke, and it was *mercilessly* hot. Hard work, but I still kind of loved it.
    I’m not just weird, though. Right?

  11. No, I am definitely a running masochist. Hence my physio sternly telling me I *must* stop when it hurts 🙂

  12. I can’t remember last week but I know I didn’t have any successful runs 🙁 Am insufficiently masochistic: I stop when it hurts. On Sunday I managed w6r1, which is 2 x 10 minutes, on the treadmill. Tonight I managed 4 minutes on the treadmill but the humidity made me feel faint so I popped on the cross trainer instead. Then did Pilates. I’m not feeling like a runner ATM though.

    Lisa on July 24, 2013
  13. Stuart, I really thought the only cast pictures I would see from you would be from your play. My sympathies to Krissa. I imagine wearing a cast in a heatwave to be especially hellish.
    Cycling is my only real exercise these days ( little to no stress on the affected knee bone) and I removed myself to the pool as soon as temperatures reached sauna levels. I am impressed with all of you.

    asta on July 25, 2013
  14. I would like to move to allow cyclists honorary membership of the running club. What say the others?

  15. Clair, That’s terrific to have! YAY YOU!

    on the basis of three votes, I accept your generous offer of honorary membership. It will push me to keep the wheels turning.

    asta on July 27, 2013

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