September 17, 2013

Great Uborka BakeAlong

Last week’s episodes was all about pie, which is a good subject, but better when there is meat in it, I think you will all agree. Except you contrary-minded veggie types, who can have an aubergine and halloumi pasty and keep quiet.Asta made a delicious sounding and looking peach and blueberry lattice pie; have a look:P1180166She says of her first attempt at a lattice crust: Not A BAD ¬†result, but the edges were a bit of a mess. pastry was good though, and there was no soggy bottom despite the fact that the pie was filled to bursting with peaches and wild blueberries. I’ve combined those two before in crisps, so I thought they’d be good in a pie and I was right– sweet and sharp.

K made pasties de nata, or custard pies, from this recipe. Here are eleven of them:

tartsK cheated with ready-made puff pastry, and I would do the same. He tells us: I particularly liked using the 10cm discs because they were too big for the pie tray – I wanted that lovely wonky appearance that you get in Lisbon, and the larger discs produced this. Also it makes tarts deeper so you can get more of that delicious artery clogging custard into each one. I’m very pleased with the results, but when I next use this recipe I will use less sugar and more egg yolks. I think they should be more eggy.¬†

Last week’s star baker Mike made a cake, but we never got to see it; and I made teacakes. Neither of these fit with this week’s theme so forget I mentioned them. I shall let the commenters choose this week’s star baker, because this isn’t a dictatorship, despite what Graybo would have you believe.

Tonight’s episode is on biscuits and traybakes, and airs at 8pm. I’m not working so for once will be able to watch and tweet in real time. I bet you can’t wait.


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