September 18, 2013

Running Club

Since returning from France, I have done W6D1 four times, and W6D2 four times. I might have a go at W6D3. I’m *scared* of injury, and that’s why I’m taking it so very slowly. A colleague has suggested that Ascot racecourse makes a very fine running track, and is also pestering me to do a ParkRun with her. We shall see.

Meanwhile, Clair is running to race funds for MacMillan Cancer Care, a fine charity; you can and should sponsor her here. We are looking for someone to design an uborka running vest, as 2014 will be the year we think vaguely about doing some events as a team. Any volunteers?


13 thoughts on “Running Club

  1. I think your slowly approach is the right one, nothing more off putting than an injury! Bravo for keeping going!!

    Me? I’ve not run for a couple of weeks since splitting open my toe, it’s taking an AGE to heal too!

    Did manage a game of basketball so contemplating a short (very short) jog tomorrow. Main aim is to get to a consistent 5K level to tackle the Glasgow Park Run (run by a blog mate as it happens!)

  2. Yeah, we should repurpose this as a general fitness club. We’re all getting on a bit and should really be taking a bit more care of ourselves…

  3. There’s a guy in my local running club who runs over a 1000 competitive miles every year. He’s also 22 years older than me and has a bigger beer belly. In fact, as far as the ultrarunners in my club go, I’m one of the youngest by a good 10+ years. So whenever I think “Oh god, I’m not as young as I used to be!” I remember that it’s highly likely I’ve got another good 20-25 years of enjoying running left.

    As for injuries, well, I’ve got a blog post in the offing about those but to play devils advocate, what is going to happen in that extra 2 minutes of running on w6d3 that isn’t going to happen in the 20 minutes of running in w6d2?

    To further play devils advocate, don’t just assume that running on grass instead of pavement is going to prevent injury merely because it’s softer. Varying running surfaces is a good thing and I’m all in favour of running off-road (Trail Dragon for a reason) but there are different hazards to worry about and different factors that can and will contribute to potential injury (softer ground, hidden holes, uneven surface etc). Basically, running on grass/dirt is a different skill to running on road. Aslo, reviews of scientific literature (like van Mechelen, 1992) have yet to find a significant correlation between running surface and injury rates – which is something to bear in mind.

  4. The comment about age was just me being rude to Gordon!

    It’s not so much the 2 minutes I’m afraid of, but that I’m aiming to be quite sure I’ve built up enough strength to move on. Yes there’s a psychological fear that both times I’ve injured myself in week 8, but I know that’s irrational and all I want is to take it slowly, my goal being not to get there quicker, but to get there.

    I think the track at Ascot is tarmac, and generally I do prefer a smoother firmer surface, just for comfort. I don’t think they actually let you run on the racecourse. Could be wrong…

  5. I fell headlong into that sarchasm then didn’t I!

    Building up strength is a good idea but are you doing any non-running strength exercises?

  6. I had a wee period where I didn’t manage to get out for a run at all for over a week, because of work crazy and ill husband/child and weirdly, I found that I was getting antsy and I missed it.

    So I’ve grabbed the opportunity afforded to me by a work trip to New York to get up and get out and do running every morning since I’ve been here and it’s been amazing.

    Partly, because it’s starting to give me clarity and focus when I do it, and partly because of the OMFG I’m in f’ing NY! of it all, which helps immeasurably when the legs begin to wobble.

    So I’ve managed to do w6d2 once, fail w6d3 once and do a 10 minute quick blast when a work situation blew up that ate into my run time.

    I’ve got two days more here. I’m hoping to nail w6d3 before I leave.

    Oh help. I think I might be becoming an actual runner.

  7. I like the idea of Uborka Fitness Club (or, alternatively: “You, Porker! Fitness Club, now!!”). I’m trying to get back into walking again. A while ago, I was regularly getting up early on a Sunday and walking ten miles or so before mid morning. I’ve got out of that habit. It was a great way to keep fit, see the absolutely beautiful countryside around here and also to get a little headspace. I’m going to be doing a 13.6 mile walk in a couple of weeks with some mates and that might just spur me into action. Any other incentives welcome.

  8. evening all! I’ve recently started cycling to work — prompted by my car share partner changing jobs and a well-timed cycle to work scheme — and it’s been great. I’ve actually really enjoyed the whole routine and very much like the 20 minute burst of exercise I get at either end of the day. Looking at my Garmin thing, it does tell me that I’ve added a calorie burn of another 400-odd calories onto my normal routine (which currently includes three runs a week). Luckily, I like to eat food and drink beer. To the local beershop for the Oktoberfest beers that have just arrived!
    Just to add to what Tom was saying above, there was an article on the Guardian the other day talking about how the longer you run, the more likely you are to get closer to “elite” times for your age group. Something to think about, eh? Let me see if I can find a link….

  9. you’re telling me, Karen. I’m 39, but I often go running with much younger people – often ladies, I’m happy to say. I went out for a 3.25 mile trot with a 22 year old on Wednesday and she damn near killed me… as much with how perky and damn energetic she is as with the actual pace she was running.

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