October 15, 2013

Great Uborka BakeAlong

This week’s only entrant is Asta; here’s what she has to say:

You can keep your grandfather grains, thankyou very much. What is the point of spelt?   Nevertheless, I decided that I would pick Rebecca’s foccacia, as I have a huge crop of rosemary this year, it looked like the only one I could come close to recreating and the only one I’d be interested in eating– other than the chelsea buns.
I did modify it slightly– I didn’t want a potato topping, and since I still have garden tomatoes I decided on a rosemary tomato combination.
Final result?
In the words of Paul Hollywood– which I swear I can hear, “the flavours are delicious, and the texture is good, but you overproved your dough and so it collapsed in the baking”.
It’s Thanksgiving. It’s traditional to have apple or pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, but we were visiting family on Isle d’Orleans Saturday and came home with a basket of its famous strawberries. So there will be strawberry shortcake for Thanksgiving.
Tonight’s episode is French Bakes. Good luck with that.

1 thought on “Great Uborka BakeAlong

  1. Have we all hit baker’s wall?
    I’m dealing with it by going to Las Vegas for a week.

    I like Karen’s idea of of GGBO inspired baking.
    Baking should be fun.

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