October 13, 2013

Uborka’s First Running Team

The Drowned Rats of Crystal Palace.


The Team: Stroppycow, Pixeldiva, Merialc and Erzsebel.

Also running but not pictured: Mr Merialc.

Crew: Petedotnu, Hydragenic, MrPixeldiva, Pixjunior and Bernard.

Special thanks to Dr Pockless for the Grenis, and to all supporters on twitter.


9 thoughts on “Uborka’s First Running Team

  1. Well done to all involved.

    I can honestly say that I think I’d have gone with “fuck that”, having seen the weather etc., so respect is definitely due.

  2. If nothing else, the cold weather during the run is making me appreciate sofa and blanket all the more this evening.

    Well done Uborkans, what’s next?

    Clair on October 13, 2013
  3. But.. but… that’s a year away! How about something warm weather?

    Well done to you all. Fantastic effort. It certainly made sure that I got out this afternoon for my run – couldn’t let you ladies have all the fun!

  4. It’s also twice as far, we may need some time to work up to 10k! But yes definitely something for the spring – any suggestions?

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