October 2, 2013

Uborka Fitness Club

A fortnight ago we mooted the idea of expanding this into a general fitness club, which could then include more people. So now, whether you run, walk, cycle, swim, dance or play some sort of dreadful team game, please feel free to use this place to celebrate what you’ve done, bemoan what you haven’t, and generally get lots of support. Loads of SCIENCE ((I have no reference for this, but writing it in capitals makes it so)) says that having your achievements publicly acknowledged is greatly encouraging and motivating; and that is the entire reason for this club to exist.

Pix, Clair and I are doing a 5K at Crystal Palace a week on Sunday, and quite a few people are coming along to spectate (or mock, in Bernard’s case: “that’s not really running, mum, it’s just jogging.”) Come and join us!


8 thoughts on “Uborka Fitness Club

  1. I volunteered to help out at the Robin Hood half marathon last weekend – injury and wear and tear are restricting me to a top distance of about 5.5 miles at the moment, so I certainly can’t run it. As well as getting a bright green “Race Maker” hoodie, I got to clap the whole race through twice: once at 3 miles and again at a little after 12 miles. It was brilliant and inspiring: the lead runners were ridiculously quick (they reached 3 miles in less than 13 minutes), but the wheelchair racers were as inspiring as always, and it was good to see how many runners are such generous souls… even if finishing strongly, many took the time to encourage those they passed, and some even stopped to help.
    I cheered and clapped so much, I fear I wore myself out more than actually running the damn thing. Highly recommended. My top tip to those of you entering races ? Wear a shirt with your name on it. It gives people something to cheer at you, and it really does make a difference by putting a little spring in your step.
    Also… volunteering was brilliant. Recommended.

  2. I also cycled to work in the dark and pouring rain today. That made me feel worthy enough, but apparently the traffic was also APPALLING, with short journeys taking HOURS. It’s hard not to feel smug, and I’m not sure I’m managing very effectively. Damp, but smug.

  3. I think it’s great that you’re doing that 5km and if I had an easier way of getting to South London (and no other commitments) I’d come and support. As it is, I’m currently planning to do my first ParkRun and first 5km in over 9 years next week, so that’ll be a laugh. I did go back to my running club tonight for a 5 mile time trial though and it went very well all things considered.

    In other news, as of Monday I am starting a track coaching job for a local running group. Which is nice.

  4. Hurrah! I now feel included!

    I’ve always been a walker, not a runner. I even married a Walker. (Guffaw). I can plod at a steady and not-at-all-shabby pace all day long without any problems, whereas running ends badly after about 200 metres. Typically I keep a pace just shy of three miles per hour when walking cross-country in Sussex, depending on the terrain and ground conditions (Sussex has a knack of throwing in bog-snorkelling as an unexpected bonus when the ground is wet).

    Hels doesn’t have the health/stamina for the longer walks that I enjoy, so we tend to do shorter walks, no more than 4 or 5 miles, when walking together. I went through a period of doing longer walks every week on my own (10 to 12 miles) but I’ve slipped out of the habit. I’m trying to get motivated to get back into that and, to that end, I’ll be doing 14 miles on the Sussex Ouse Valley Way on Sunday with a couple of friends. I haven’t really done any training for it, other than shorter walks in the 2 to 3 mile category around the village. Which has the bonus of views like this one that I enjoyed this morning which do help a little with headspace and preparing for the working day.

    Fitness? Well, I’m not sure fitness is the objective. Trying to stay fit-enough-not-to-die-young is a bonus. Mental fitness is definitely an objective. I find walking is one of the best ways of switching off, which, given the pressures I’m under at the moment in terms of work and finances, is much-needed. The headspace I find when walking is a life-saver. I can’t recommend it enough.

  5. Huzzah for fitness club 🙂 I’m not fit at all. Like, seriously unfit. But I did W1D1 of C25K yesterday and I’m proud of myself. I even did the last 60 second jog of the course with a big grin on my face, and much faster than the rest – it’s amazing what a sense of achievement can do for the body. Unusually for me, I’m actually looking forward to going out again on Saturday morning. Actually getting up on a (very rare) day off work on a Saturday to go for a run. That’s a nice feeling, too.

    Also, good luck for the 5K – I’m way too far away to cheer on but I’ll be cheering from the comfort of twitter 😀 x

    Clare on October 3, 2013
  6. I didn’t play basketball on Monday. We try and play every week so looking forward to it next Monday as it’s one sport I know I’m reasonably good at…

    Beyond that, not much exercise although a certain someone (see comment above) is shaming me into getting back out running again.

    Aim is to get to ParkRun 5K by end of October. Goal by end of year is sub 30-min 5K. (PB set about 8 years ago is 29.47).

    Aside from that, walking is good, grand plans for this year (some hillwalking was discussed) didn’t happen but, perhaps, next year I’ll manage to get out some more. I do like being outdoors.

  7. Brilliant, well done everyone, especially Graybo for including himself, and Clare for being completely new to uborka. Did you know that we serve drinks on Fridays?

  8. Bit late to the party but until this morning I had nothing to share. However, I can’t sit about on my lard arse forever, so I decided to step back to the middle of this neverending C25K thing and did w5r1 (3 x 5-minutes) at the gym. It was ok.

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