November 27, 2013

Uborka Fitness Club

I took a two week break in order to spend time coughing, and this week have managed two runs (Monday 2 miles, today 2.78 miles), which feels better but I’m definitely still coughing. And it’s cold out there.

Have you turned it around and stopped making excuses?


8 thoughts on “Uborka Fitness Club

  1. Nope, but I’m thinking of creating a Fatness club to counterpoint the fitties.

  2. I don’t mind the cold so much but it’s the dark and gloom which get me. I’m attempting to get out for a run in what passes for daylight at least a couple of times a week just for my own sanity.

    Hibernation instinct is kicking in big time. I think I need a target and goal.

  3. No. After being very good through October, I don’t think I’ve been to the gym yet this month. I’m telling myself I don’t have time for frivolous sweating because there’s too much serious work to do, but really I’m annoyed with the world in general for making me get out of bed at all. November has just been a bit rubbish really.

  4. The constant clench/release of fists is definitely exercise and/or calorie-burning, I find.

    Hating with the heat of a thousand burning suns also goes some way to keeping the weight at bay.

  5. I walked a mile and a half this morning. This is a feeble effort, but an effort nonetheless. It was cold, damp and foggy, but still rather attractive in Ruralville.

  6. Um. I sort of feel bad sharing this, but I’m doing more than ever at the moment. As well as cycling to work, I’ve added a 7am run with my running club to my schedule…. It’s hard work getting up and cycling to meet them, but the run as the sun comes up makes it worth it, and I’m nice and warm for the cycle to work. Runkeeper also tells me that I’m about to beat my best for number of separate exercises in a month. The record is 64 (last month) and I’ll equal that when I cycle home tonight. Tomorrow is a 4 exercise day: home to work (about 4 miles), work to gym (about 4 miles), 5 mile run, gym to home (about 2 miles).

    I think it’s an illness, to be honest. I nearly cycled to the sports injury clinic at hospital last week, but realised how ridiculous that was and drove instead…..

    Good job I’m making and eating all these slow cooked dinners, eh?

  7. TIL that running along a main road full of cars crawling slowly into town will make your cough worse.

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