December 6, 2013

Bar’s Open

The bar is open. The theme is, erm, cocktails. And, erm, something else. Okay, first person to order a drink can set the theme.


11 thoughts on “Bar’s Open

  1. We’re in the first week of advent, so how about fire related cocktails? Flaming B52 over here please.

    Clair on December 6, 2013
  2. Also, I saw Catching Fire last night so that works for me. Better be some water dripping out of a tree trunk via a spile…or a flaming sambucca.

  3. I am the god of hell fire, and I bring you
    Fire, I’ll take you to burn
    Fire, I’ll take you to learn
    I’ll see you burn

    I’ll have a Crazy World of Arthur Brown, please. This is a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale, with a flaming rag stuffed in the top. When you lob it at the barricades, you’re not only giving them a piece of your mind at it’s bluntest and most volatile, but you’re also giving them a nice warm pint.

    Fire, to destroy all you’ve done
    Fire, to end all you’ve become
    I’ll feel you burn

  4. I’m running around like a mad thing organising tomorrow’s school Christmas Bazaar. This is an event that revolves around the themes of greed, gluttony and gambling. It’s a church school, of course.

    So mine will be an entire bottle tombola, please and thank you. Only 50p a go.

  5. I’d like to go for a bucket of Flaming B-52 please.

    Why? Because there are some days where you just want to blow shit up. Today is one of those days. Tomorrow’s not looking promising either.

  6. In that case, I’ll have a Backdraft; it even has cinnamon for seasonality.

    1 ½ oz Cointreau
    1 ½ oz Sambuca
    Few shakes of Cinnamon
    Ice Cubes

  7. Port please. In a nice big glass. By a fire. With lots of nice food nearby and no work.

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