January 15, 2014

One Little Word

It’s mid-January, and time to get meditative. While the world outside (that is, twitter) bemoans the gloom and the post-christmas slump, Casa Uborka is cheerful and positive. This has partly been achieved by Pete using the up the annual leave he didn’t take over christmas, to work a 2 day week for as much as January as he can manage; and partly because I thought I was going to be worried about money, but a couple of jobs have come in so I’m not; and probably some other happy stuff as well.

Here’s a lovely idea: One Little Word to drive your year, to help you stay focused, to encapsulate how you want to feel. I found this via Relly’s thought for the day on the Pastry Box Project; it seems that meditation and philosophy is all around.

I’m still thinking about my word.


5 thoughts on “One Little Word

  1. As already discussed, mine should be ClamFlange.

    There’s other possibilities too, but ClamFlange is likely to be it.

  2. “Breathe”
    This year has the potential to be a sucky one (my sister’s cancer has spread, progressed and turned into something that no one at her hospital has seen before. We haven’t been given a timeline, but…), so my word is to continually remind me to take a deep breathe and keep going.

    Clair on January 16, 2014
  3. It’s a good word, Clair, and we’ll be doing it along with you.

    I still haven’t settled on a word, though at lunchtime today I did bore Pete with my thought process. He doesn’t agree with what I mean by “consolidate” and I don’t agree with what he means by “reflect,” so I’m still thinking.

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