January 13, 2014

Where Are You Now? Pete, January

I’m spending lots of January chilling. I’m on a kind of belated Christmas holiday.

Today, for example, I’ve spent pretty much the entire day in my pyjamas watching the first two Lord Of The Rings films with Karen and Maisy.

Bored of the things

Bored Of The Things

On Friday we did a few chores around the house and then went out for lunch, just the two of us.

Friday lunch

A photo of a photo of a photo of Friday lunch

Last night my dad babysat and the two of us went out for dinner. We ate more than our fair share of Mexican food, and drank more than our fair share of cocktails. Which we could get away with, because neither of us have to work this morning.

One thing I’ve noticed in recent years is that I often come back from holiday no more relaxed than I was at the beginning. It’s not always the case, and actually I’ve found our camping weekends (when the weather is nice) to be some of the most beneficial breaks that we teak ((@Lyle, this typo is intentional, I know you’re going to want to “fix” it)). I’ve often contemplated the possibility of using some of my annual leave not for going away on holiday, with all the stresses that that entails, but just to potter about and unclench. I think that what I’ve configured this year has worked out fairly well for me. There have been a few days off with Karen and Bernard, and we’ve taken a day out, and then there have been a few days off with just Karen, and we’ve done whatever takes our fancy depending upon how energetic we’re feeling.

And I’ve still got another week left until I’m back to the regular routine! Lucky me!


2 thoughts on “Where Are You Now? Pete, January

  1. I’m trying to wean myself off automatically correcting things – but thanks for the warning 🙂

  2. I hope it didn’t make me sound ungrateful, because truly I’m not. You’re an asset to the team, and once we go public there’ll be some share options in it for you.

    Oops, wasn’t supposed to let that slip.

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