April 22, 2014

Uborka! Film Club

It’s time for another film: please add your suggestions below. As promised, Asta gets to pick. Then we watch it. Then we post about it.


8 thoughts on “Uborka! Film Club

  1. What? That can’t be right…..*site searches ‘film*.
    Well, I’d call that more of a proposal than a promise.
    I’ll go with whatever gets the most interest.
    The first movie to pop into my head was Lost in Translation, I don’t know why. I have yet to see it, so that might be a reason.
    I’m all for more suggestions.

  2. I have a suggestion that Asta might want to suggest (how deeply nested can suggestions be?). Untouchable. Not The Untouchables. That’s different. Just Untouchable. Deeply funny and deeply moving at the same time. It even has a car chase, although it’s the least likely film to contain a car chase that you could imagine. The best film I’ve watched since I don’t know when.

  3. After watching Blue Jasmine, I have an urge to watch A Streetcar Named Desire.

  4. I like lost in translation and would like to watch it again. I think I might even own the DVD (how retro). I can tell you all again about the delicious Christmas dinner I once had in the hotel where it was filmed. Scarlett Johannson wasn’t there but there was a dessert buffet.

  5. Okay, since it’s Friday. How about we settle on Viewer’s Choice. Watch either Streetcar Named Desire, or Lost in Translation or both and comment on same?
    I might do both
    It’s been a long time since I saw Streecar, I recall it being quite shouty.

  6. The Streetcar I had in mind was the 1995 version, with Alec Baldwin, who is a dish, and is also in Blue Jasmine. I think we should save that for a Blue Jasmine/Streetcar fest, and all watch Lost In Translation this time.

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