September 26, 2014

Pyjama Party

Today the bar has a well-padded floor, resembling nothing so much as a mattress. Pete programmed ubotka to provide an appropriate setting for a pyjama party, and then we had to go in and remove all the satin bedding, which constituted a slip hazard.

We are particularly thankful that we did this, since so many of our guests are naked, and we don’t really want to see them go arse over tit. In fact we felt so bad that some of you didn’t own any pyjamas, that we raided M&S on our way over here, and can provide PJs to the PJless.

However, we did only bring the rack of onesies.

So, Lyle, this is your wild onesie, note the cute 3/4 legs and playful tongue-out roar. Later on we want to see who would win between you and Gordon, to whom we gift this onesie, which clearly has more teeth. We tried to find something similar for Graybo, but ubotka got his code in a tangle and this leopard print was all hu could manage.

Similarly lacking in nightwear, Asta and stroppycow can have warm dressing gowns and a copy of this to watch under a blanket.

And so to the few guests today who did manage to comply with the terms of the invitation. Here at Casa Uborka, “to pyjame” is a verb, and expression of the intention to pyjame indicates an abdication from any responsibility outside the home for that day. All members of the Casa strive to do this at the earliest opportunity, and two of us didn’t get dressed at all yesterday (though it was a sickday, so that’s allowed). Pete owns two extremely disreputable pairs of pyjama trousers, so we will be replacing those with this natty pair. This was not the image I originally intended to use. Be thankful. I prefer plain black pyjamas so that I can pretend I’m not really in my nightwear, but some sort of slinky loungewear.

Lori really did it right, modelling her own pyjamas and an excellent scarf for us right here. And Abby kindly offered pyjamas to anyone who needs them, but as it turned out, we already had it covered. For her future reference, here are the top ten women’s pyjamas.

Nightcap, anyone?


4 thoughts on “Pyjama Party

  1. I missed the party? I’ll just sneak in and snuggle under a blanket in the corner.

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