April 22, 2015

Spudwatch And Things

It’s a Spudwatch update! Oh yeah! And this time, there’s something to see!


In other news, Snappy III had a bit of a close call recently. Remember that surprisingly hot week that we had a little while back? Well, after enduring his winter hibernation, Snappy didn’t take too well to the hot weather. It’s partly my fault, I didn’t think to top up his water. After a few days, he was looking very dry and shrivelled indeed. We all thought it would be over.

But after all of his leaves turned brown and fell off, I noticed a few small green shoots poking through, which gave me fresh hope. With careful nurturing, he’s showing signs of a return to full strength! Hurrah!


And to round things off, here’s a beerwatch update. After setting up the brew, ambient temperatures took a sharp drop, and the garage was no longer warm enough, so I brought the brew through to the living room. Airlock activity has slowed a fair whack, and I’m thinking that this stuff might be ready for bottling at the weekend.



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