January 26, 2020

Strange And Unexpected Outage

Those of you with eagle eyes may have noticed that the site was down over the weekend.

On Thursday evening I wrote my latest installment of alcohol-free beer reviews and set it to publish on Friday morning. On Saturday morning I wondered why I hadn’t noticed a notification appear on Uborkabot and checked the site manually, only to discover a hideous error message. Upon further investigation, all of the database tables corresponding to the WordPress installation were utterly missing. No wonder the site wasn’t working.

Everything’s now been restored from a backup, so that’s good. However, it’s still an utter mystery how the tables got deleted. It’s not like last time, when I accepted full responsibility. Well, sort of. I think that the UI designers of Movable Type, which we were using at the time, perhaps dropped the ball a bit too.

Anyway, upshot of all this is that the tables are back but without knowing how they got deleted, I don’t know how to prevent it happening again. And the beer review blog post also got lost, so that needs to be rewritten. But I’ll do it, I’ll do it for you, because I love you.


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