May 31, 2013

Uborka’s Got Style!

Uborka is pleased to announce a glorious festival of style over the next week. Guests Lori, Mike and K will be here all week to answer your questions on a range of lifestyle subjects, from fashion to garden design. I’ll let them introduce themselves in their own posts below. Please leave your questions here or in the individual posts, anonymously if you prefer, and watch out for replies between Monday and Thursday next week. If ever you needed help, be happy, for now it is here.


6 thoughts on “Uborka’s Got Style!

  1. How much should ‘style’ be dictated by what’s ‘fashionable’ or currently being marketed, and how much should it be down to personal preference?

    Sometimes i see people, not always young, and think – that outfit might be ‘fashionable’ but it looks horrendous on you. Then I see (often older) people looking elegant in classic well-made clothes, who clearly have little regard for the latest advertising campaign.

  2. Does anyone know a good place eg a shop I can go to get personalised advice on cycling shoes. I want shoes I can do casual cycling in but can also wear if I park the bike up and want to wander round town/the pub etc. I also need somewhere that will understand my fibromyalgia and (related) burning feet. Obviously, if anyone can answer in the comments, that would be lovely, too!

    Thank you in anticipation:-)

  3. I went past Pearson’s who were very good with personal cycling advice. One in Sutton and one in East Sheen.

    Are you looking for clip on shoes (i.e. proper cycling shoes) or shoes good for cycling?

  4. Shoes good for casual cycling, and taking my ‘special needs’ into consideration! I’ll bear that shop in mind, not impossibly difficult to get to, but you’ve confirmed my thought that it might be worth trying a couple of local independent bike shops, at least to start with, see what they have to say!

  5. Hmm, I would say clip on shoes are probably wrong for you, as they focus on driving power to the wheels and not necessarily on feet or comfort (unless you are say Wiggans).

    You might be better off with a good independent running store rather than a bike shop.

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