October 22, 2013

Great Uborka BakeAlong

Frankly, it’s all getting too difficult. This week we watched the four semi-finalists flounder their way through various french bakes, and there’s not a chance one of us is planning to rustle up a Charlotte Royale or a billion silly little canapes.

No, the uborka bakers are sensibly going back to bread and crumbles and other warm winter delicousnesses. This week we have a new baker, long lost Ade, who you might remember from such uborkan delights as this bottle of curdled milk. Never mind your sourdough-toting flour-dusted poncing around, Ade has achieved sandwich heaven through the medium of putting ingredients into a bread machine and switching it on. Here’s a photo of the sandwich:

10400328524_5fb5530a32_zI managed to underbake a loaf of soda bread, and Merialc adventurously cooked a crumble. Who’s your star baker? You decide! Tonight is the final and then thank goodness we can all go back to making tin loaves and chocolate sponge.


3 thoughts on “Great Uborka BakeAlong

  1. I’d completely forgotten that I’d guest-blogged about that milk, though obviously the milk itself was rather unforgettable 😉

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