January 17, 2014

Bar’s Open

I have decreed that today’s cocktails should be in honour of cats. I know! Cats! On the internet! How can we have not done this before?

The reasons for choosing cats are manifold. Firstly, Lisa‘s cat died on Wednesday, and today is the funeral. Secondly, my Twitter stream for the last day has been saturated with pictures of Relly‘s new kitten, so there’s that whole contrast and circle of life thing going on.

So raise your glasses, to cats we know, cats we have known, and cats we have yet to know. And if you don’t like cats, then just close your eyes and think of wheelie bins.




8 thoughts on “Bar’s Open

  1. I’ll have a saucer of milk please, and a toast to my old friend Pigger who emigrated to Hungary with me, and had to stay there when I came home.

  2. I’m allergic to cats, and so hate the buggers.

    I’ll have some antihistamines, a bottle of bourbon and a dog please.

  3. It’s been a shitty week: cats vary enormously and May was absolutely one of the best. And still a baby. Bloody cars. And Cameron was away so I had to do all the honours (telling children, comforting children, collecting dead cat from vet, burying dead cat) solo. I need a brandy please.

  4. I’ve never had a cat. My parents are dog people and my sister’s allergic to anything with fur. I did enjoy my aunt’s cats, Whisky and Soda. So, a whisky and soda in honour of them.

  5. I’ll have a huge bucket of Kamikaze please. It’s been one of those days.

    Still, I’ll go home to cats, one of which will have taken a shit in the yard outside, and at least one of which will be whining for food as soon as I get in.

    Sorry, not feeling particularly cheered today, but such is life on occasion. I’ll be glowering in the corner, cursing last-minute tosspottery.

  6. D dislikes cats and I’m indifferent to them, except in photos where they can’t shed and are therefore adorable.

    Pets,however, are brilliant and because Lisa this week has had to go through the most painful aspect of life with pets by herself, I’ll have a Black Cat as a sign of empathetic mourning.

  7. I’m rather ambivalent about cats. I do like pigs though, so I’m going to talk about them. I used to have a pig. Penny. She was much cuter and more entertaining than our in-bred musophobic toothless stinking farm cat.

    For some reason I have a craving for cider. The internet says that ‘squeal-pig’ cider is named after the sound made by unwary first-time drinkers, but I remember my brother, who stayed in the backwoods and never moved to the town and got civilised like me, telling me it is named after the excitable sounds heard from the orchard when the pigs have been munching on fermented windfall apples. I like that explanation more.

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