August 13, 2004

Huge Pulsating Cock Tales

Hmmrr-hmm-hrm-hmm mmmhrrrm-hrrrhm-hur-hum-mrrrh /removes inflatable gag and gimp hood Sorry, that’s no way to introduce myself as the barman for the day, although for the benefit of some of our patrons I will keep the long wig and leather duster jacket … Continue reading

August 6, 2004

Ode to a cocktail

Welcome to everyone, and let me say: cheers, I hope you enjoy all these cocktails and beers. For Graybo, Destructor, Pockless and Lyle Who all have been drinking round here for a while; Not to mention Sevitz AKA Ade, Who … Continue reading

June 18, 2004

How To… Serve Drinks

Ladies and Gentlemen, the bar is open. Sit the f*ck down, shut the f*ck up. You’ll get the drinks in a minute – but if you don’t quieten down, I’ll throw ’em at you.

May 14, 2004

cheers, m’dears

jack lives here, so help yourself lyle. i’m not sure what brand of beer your parents drank, but if you feel like giving them something back, may i recommend a nice vb. for stuart, a guiness. sorry mate, i didn’t … Continue reading