July 31, 2020

Hot cocktails

It’s already 70 billion degrees in here. Cocktails may be brought to you from the garden later today. Please ensure that your drink matches your bikini.

July 24, 2020

Friday cocktails

There is nothing special planned for today, but it is Vaughan’s birthday so some of us might raise a glass and the traditional “Wherever you are” toast. There will be all the usual Friday nonsense, though, and we are looking … Continue reading

July 3, 2020


This afternoon’s cocktails will feature special guest Henry The Cat, and the tail [sic] of how Henry came to live with us. See you at 5 in the usual place!

June 26, 2020


Is it Friday? I think probably it is, so let’s do cocktails later – all very welcome. Bingo sheets are not mandatory, but we have tweaked them slightly and if you’d like one, use the link two posts below.